Sep 2010 26

This is what I simply like to call L-O-V-E!!!!!!!!! After a great show in Myrtle Beach, SC I ran into these two and look what they brought….!!! They LovE JuLiA! Who woulda thought…LOL

Sep 2010 20

At a club in LA….enjoy..!

Sep 2010 16

People always ask me, “where’d you that jacket, those sneaks, those sweatshirts”? Usually i dont like to give all my secrets but today i will. LA has always been one of my favorite places to go and do some good ol’ fashioned retail therapy and being that the city is always oozing w/ new shops and boutiques, it can be a bit difficult to even know where to get started. My homies at Hall Of Fame specialize in the “not so average” fitted and always have a plethora of rare sweatshirts, hoodies and other treats to keep your closet from looking like the next guy who “stays fresh” if you’re ever on the west coast give em a google search and tell em I sent you.

Sep 2010 10

So while im here in Paris im learning that blogging, while fun and interesting is actually an art that im NOT good at.  I PROMISE you all that i WILL get better at this tho…In OTHer nEWS, Paris is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’d actually advise everyone that if you wanna take a REAL vacation save a couple more bucks and visit. The people are dope, the foods pretty decent and THE FASHION is nuts! Made me wanna go home and throw ALL my sneakers away and pull my pants up, HA!.

Sep 2010 03


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Helllloooooooooooo World! Just getting in Berlin, Germany early today so im taking a sec to update you all on whats goin on. I have NO idea what day it is…(i think it Friday) anyway it’s been non-sTOP fun since we’ve been out. Last nite in London was DopE we had some fun and def have a few stories to tell….lol saw a few JULIA fans out in the UK as well! But we’re looking forward to the show in Germany 2marl nite so until then everybody enjoy your weekend be safe and check back in on me later…deal? Much Love!!!