Oct 2010 22

I think Ni Hao means hello? If not sorry, lol. Recently added on my list of “Places I’ve Been” is Taipei, Taiwan. At first I was a little hesitant on coming because I thought I’d be in Vietnam but geographically I was dead wrong. Taipei is a fairly nice city with warm weather a little rain here and there and pretty nice people to go along with it. Although I had some trouble adjusting to some of the delicacies here, I did manage to take a liking to some of the sushi bars around the downtown area.  Hong Kong’s next on the list so i’ll tryn see what we can get into while over there. Til’ then enjoy your weekend and like me (as shown above) tryn have a coke and a smile!

Oct 2010 19

Here’s a buncha random shots and moments taken from the “Up In The Air Tour” ALL from the phone in my pocket! Promise i’ll do better next time on holding my camera right….

Oct 2010 09

Shot out to my homies Jeremiah McConico and Vindell Smith for bringin out the guitars before soundcheck and doin this song with me. Im a huge John Mayer fan, so here’s a lil bit of one of my favorite songs from his “Continuum” album entitled “Stop This Train” hope you like it…!